Extra Thin Tamiya Cement?

I glued a wheel a little out of place and now need to fix it , but it is pretty locked on to the other part , anyway of undoing this ? acetone?

No acetone! That’ll eat the plastic. Try rubbing alcohol instead.

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i tried 70% isopropyl alcohol , nothing budged

If you glued it with Tamiya Extra Thin (essentially a solvent for styrene) then you could try using a small brush to add a small amount of solvent (Tamiya Extra Thin) to the edge of the joint and hope that it loosens the joint.
Only a small amount since too much could soften/dissolve the surrounding areas.

If that doesn’t work then you may need to use mechanical methods (sawing, cutting, hacking, brute force).

Which model and which wheel?


Before you brute force it, try freezing it, THEN brute force it.


tamyia krupp protz

How is it attached? Two road wheel halves or road wheel to the post.

If it’s two halves try a razor saw to finely cut them apart

Photos are helpful.

As Robin said, this is a solvent and melts the plastic, which is welded quite quickly. Therefore it can not be removed like CA or epoxies. Adding glue again as suggested may work depending on the joint because it just melts again the plastic and helps breaking apart the parts -at the joint or a different place…

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Which joint or wheel?

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I am assuming you mean the tyre inner is sitting proud of the outer, as all the other parts, including the spare wheels, have specific location points. If this is correct, then as Robin says a little Tamiya extra thin then a clamp to push the outer further into it’s housing is the best approach.

If you mean one of the spares on the side is not sitting correctly, you should be able to use extra thin on that from the bottom rear and then lever that off. If you snap the locating pin it is not difficult to drill it out and replace it with some styrene rod.


If the problem is indeed the inner third of the tire/tyre (part B3 in step 7) it might be easier to trim it down with files and/or sandpaper sticks.


This is a technique I have used as well and while not perfect it is as they say the lesser of two weevils with credits to Master & Commander. Loosen it with the cement, then wiggle it apart with gentle force and clean things up afterwards.


thanks to all so much for your responses