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F-104 STARFIGHTER, LOCKHEED'S SLEEK COLD WAR INTERCEPTOR is a new title by DAVID DOYLE, part of Schiffer Publishing’s series "Legends of Warfare (Aviation)." This pictorial book chronicles the Starfighter, with dedicated chapters on prototype versions and the A, B, C/D, G, N, Canadian CF-104, Japanese F-104J, and F-104S models.

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The “Witwenmacher”, or widowmaker in German. One of the longest serving aircraft in NATO service (retired from Italian service in 2004; retired from USAF service in 1969). It flew for 15 countries, like Canada, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, Taiwan and Pakistan.

First aircraft to reach an altitude of 100,000 feet under its own power and the first one to be equipped with the General Electric M61 20mm Vulcan.


Terrific to see more attention to this icon of the Cold War. Good review, Fred.

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The Spanish Air Force (Ejercito Del Aire) F-104s hold the unique distinction of being the only ones with a prefect flight record. Zero losses in 17,500 total flight hours.

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Italian restored Starfighter


The Italians built their own license-copy version of the Starfighter, the F-104S (built by Aeritalia). It was the last iteration of the plane and the most capable variant. Italy and Turkey operated this variant and Italy used them all the way to 2004, when they finally retired.

Loved the shot of the F-86 Sabre, the F-104 Starfighter, the Eurofighter and the F-35A Lightning II, with the F-104 being the loudest.


Noticed that among the four aircraft, the Starfighter is still the hardest one to see coming at you head-on.

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Smaller silhouette. I can imagine with some of the planes still in bare metal; it would be even harder to visually acquire one.

BONUS - Hehe! One of the old Starfighters from my state’s Air National Guard, before they switched to the A-7D Corsair. 198th Tactical Fighter Squadron, the “Bucaneros”.

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198th TFS? They’re the ones who had some of their aircraft blown up by separatists back in the 1970s, aren’t they? That one looks like it has a fresh coat of paint.

F-104 to A-7? I will bet that some pilot side with relief and some of them cursed going to the SLUF. That was the reaction from my Air Guard wing when they went from F-16s to A-10s. Watching them in the traffic pattern, you can tell the ones who want it to be fighter pilots versus those who probably should have been in transports.

Yes, the Macheteros broke into the airfield and blew up several A-7s, plus an F-104 that was on a corner of the runway getting prepped for historical display.

My next-door neighbor was an avionics tech on the A-7s with the PRANG during that time.

PRANG F-104C in SEA camouflage. 1970s.

Afformentioned Southeast Asia (SEA) camo mask for 1/48 scale.