F-117 Something wicked - bomb bay art


I’ve been searching the net and books but found no picture of the F-117 shot down over Yugoslavia in 1999, showing the bomb bay art. Not even as an artist idea or anything. Was there any painting on the bomb bay door or was the name just given without any painting?

Thanks for all the answers.

I just did a ProModeller F-117 in 1/48th scale and purchased Caracal Models sheet # CD48138 for it. There are sixteen options provided, including the markings for “Vega 31”, AF # 82-806, the 117 shot down over Yugoslavia. It shows no personal name or artwork for this aircraft. The only ones with artwork on the weapons bay doors seem to be the ones that flew in Desert Storm. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply. My bad, I have forgotten to mention that I have the TwoBobs set ‘Kosovo Bandits’. Same thing there - no artwork. That’s what made me curious whether it was not known or there was no artwork. By the way Something Wicked did fly in Desert Storm - it had 39 sorties.

Okay, glad to confirm your info at least.