F-14A in Ferris Camouflage

Hi all. Again, I am posting an old one, which I realised I forgot to do so, just to give myself a little encourgement for building more. I have always loved the Ferris patterns on jet aircraft. I was planning to build one of the Ferris F-14s but most of the planes were a little enigmatic. It is possible to find ample supply of VF-1’s Ferris bird(or Birds) but it looked a little too contrasted to my eyes. Plus I couldn’t be bothered to correct the chin sensor pod of the splendid Revell kit…in 1/144. What scale did you think I would build? Anyways, It took me too long to finish and I botched the colour combinations. I was aiming to build one of the VX-4, which I couldn’t find a deffinitive colour info about. So, I made do. It is certainly incorrect but it is done and gone. Thankfully I have sufficient supply in my stash. I will build a few more and hopefully better.

I have cut open and redid the wing slats in extended position. Also added the ejection handles(is it the correct term?) in the cockpit.

It has lots of badly executed(by me) or missing details but it means I will try better next time.

Cheers! :beer:


Outstanding cat,not one you see every day.