F-18 intakes

Looking for a line on intakes and the splitter plates for the Kinetic F-18. Plastic or resin is fine. I messed up the joint of the intake face to the splitter plate and I don’t think it’s salvageable :frowning: project will be stalled until I get new intakes

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Check eBay for sprues. You can often find kit sprues of parts for replacements or additions.

Funny enough I just competed a check out at eBay for the intake splitter plates and intake faces, the trunks themselves are still fine, so I’ll use a razor saw to cut off the faces and then use the new sprue to fix my error. Lesson learned! Thanks for the tip

Unfortunately, I spend too much and time an money on the ol’ eBay. :upside_down_face:

Found a stl file for 3D printing:

USD $2.00. Of course, you need a 3D printer (preferable resin).