F-18 wing fold

I am building the Kinetic F-18. They have you put two PE pieces on either wing near the wing fold mechanisms in the slots shown below

You can also see the two PE pieces in the photos. The instructions tell you to bend them, but the diagram is basically useless for what the bend should look like. Does anyone have a photo of this area? I’ve been searching for a while and the best I could come up with is this photo

I am pretty sure the bend is only if you’re folding the wings. The angle is to match the two wing sections.

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Finally found a clean photo

This will help tremendously in understanding how much gap is present on each side. Looks like I just need a slight radius bend to make it curved and flush the wing fold hinge


A good image demonstrating weathering and gunk.

I found loads of great F-18 photos here:

And here