F-22A Raptor Planned | AeroScale

Jetmads has announced that they will be producing the F-22A Raptor in 1:32 scale and there is news of other projects too

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://aeroscale.net/news/f-22a-raptor-planned

Looks quite impressive-but a nice 1/32 all-injection Raptor is long overdue!

I Agree! I hope the cockpit canopy will come pre-tinted. Getting the tint right would be a chore. Now if only there was a way to get the paint to shift colors like the real ones do.

Looks marvellous but I guess, judging from many comments I read, that we could use a decent raptor in 1/48 scale as well?

I’ve seen the Hasegawa offering with those hugely exagerated panels. I wonder what they were thinking when designing that???

The nose chine break doesn’t tilt down towards the nose, which means the underside of said nose curves up too much.
There is no way that canopy is going to close on that spine.
The intake openings are distorted and way too big.
The wing tanks are F-15 style when they should be F-2 style (soon to be LDTP style).
The wing looks flat with no anhedral or twist.
The verticals are too tall or too narrow, maybe both.
Please, someone, get these guys some good helpers. I’m sure they are trying hard but 1/32 is not a scale which forgives shape flaws. And outline counts.