F 35 A Meng or Tamiya?

Having seen neither kit do you have any pros or cons between these two kits. I am on the hunt.

I have the Meng kit in my stash and it looks really nice. I can’t say how well it fits together. I have seen the Tamiya kit in the box in person at an IPMS meeting here, and it also looks really nice. Sorry I can’t offer up anything beyond that.


I’ve not seen the Meng kit but I’m building the Tamiya right now and can’t imagine how any kit could be better. It’s unbelievably good.

I have both and if you want detail, Tamiya wins hands down. I haven’t built them yet, but I have no reason to doubt that Tamiya will win there as well. More marking options too. My 2 cents worth.

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“OR?” this seems really out of context in a discussion like this…

I only plan on buying one kit and I am guessing these are two of the best kits available. Tamiya is always a winner with aircraft. However Meng makes excellent armor kits so There are possibilities of being dethroned when two good companied provide the same subject. That was why the OR

Tamiya all the way, far better engineering and ease of assembly, more decal options.


Any info on scalemates? The review links offer any insight?

I have both. Tamiya by a mile.


I’ll be ordering the F-35i from Meng so will see the difference. Out of experience, Tamiya…

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