F-4 Phantom II collection of the Israeli Air Force in 1/32 scale

Hello fellow scale modelers,
I wanted to display some of my handiwork of the last couple years. I’m the admin for the Facebook group “IDF/AF F4 Phantom II Group” and also “1/32 Scale Aviation Modeling”. We have very accurate references, that are coming directly from various former IAF sources, including pilots, navigators and ground-crew. I decided early on that I’d build this collection in 1/32 scale so that I could include many of the detail sets that are available for the Tamiya and Revell kits in this scale. In the end the entire collection was sold to one collector and even more added to complete his desire to own a representative aircraft from every squadron. So here it is, photos attached. Thanks.

Well, I hope you like what I’ve replicated and anyone interested to join our groups, look them up on FB.
Thanks and stay well…:slight_smile: