F-4B, AN/APR-30 and new Tamiya's kit

Hi, I have some confusion regarding the new Tamiya’s kit of F-4B and AN/APR-30 radar warning system. Manual clearly indicates that only f-4B from VF-111 had this system (antenna under the chin) with accompanying display at RIO’s instrument panel. But, AN/APR-30 had two antenna locations. One was under the chin and another one at the front of the top of the tailfin. As per instructions, two other aeroplanes had the second antenna present, so it seems both of them are equipped with this system, ergo - should have a display at RIO’s instrument panel You can find F-4Bs photos in all possible configurations - no antennas, both, just a tailfin or just a chin.
Can anyone put some light on that topic?

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Hope this helps, will have to do some digging.

I think this best sums it up overall even though Tamiya birds are listed as ‘72.

1967 / 1968
This is a time when the changes made to the EW equipment gets sort of messy. There were a lot of new EW developments that were happening in quick succession. With these changes happening so quickly it isn’t always easy to tell how an aircraft was configured by merely looking at fairings. This is because we often see that a change was made and the old fairings weren’t removed, just left empty (or full but disconnected) that old fairings were used with new equipment installed.*

I have seen your blog before posting here. Indeed situation with ECM equipment was quite messy and ad-hoc as new SAMs with faster missiles started making an appearance in Vietnam. Detection of the launch was not enough and radar warning systems appeared. Anyway, thanks a lot for your response. I’ve decided to stick to the VF-111 aeroplane but using decals set showing her before return from the West Pacific.

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