F-4J UK-1/72 Accurate Miniatures-Monogram

Been doing a boat load of boats and thought I’d do something different. This kit is coming in the mail. I did 2 British Phantoms a couple years ago, an F-4K and an F-4M both 1/72 Fujimi. I need a 3rd to finish off the type flown by the UK. I have decals but they are questionable, an old set of Model Decals that look pretty much yellowed. Here are the decals, are they at all salveagable? I may just buy the Kits World set to be safe.


Sometimes if you put yellowed decals in a window facing south (to get the most sun), the yellow will bleach out. But it can take a while. You will want to check it fairly frequently to make sure it’s not being damaged.

Michael :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll second Michaels tip for placing them in a sun facing window. Have had luck with that myself. Good idea is to put them in a ziplock bag to keep any condensation away.

I’ve used a few Modeldecal sheets of similar vintage and found they still work beautifully. I tend to grab interesting sheets whenever I see them. They did some good schemes and you always get a nice mix of subjects, mostly Cold War NATO.

Thanks, so put them in a zip lock AFTER they are bleached out?

Before and then put them in the window in the bag. It’s just to keep moisture away from the decals really. Maybe putting one of those little bags of silica in would help too.
If you’re windows don’t get damp with condensation it’s not really a problem. Another solution is to simply take them away at night when the colder temperatures are most likely to cause condensation.

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Thanks , I live in Florida and it gets UGLY hot here but this time of year it’s cold at night, I was considering taking them in at night. Thanks again.

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No worries, happy to help.
You’ll have to do a build log. A 74 Sqn F-4J has long been on my own to-build list, so will be great to see your project.

I’m not even sure you need to bleach them! I’ve used Modeldecal sets that look rather murky on the paper but performed well on the model anyway. I recommend that you try one that you aren’t going to use anyway, chances are that they are perfectly OK!

And nice subject for your build :slight_smile: !



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The kit came in the mail early. It has lots of parts for an F-4J, F-4C and F-4D and lots of flash! The first thing to do after I wash the plastic will be to toss the Accurate Miniatures instructions, they are WRONG! I down loaded the 1/72 Monogram F-4J instructions which are correct. The AM instructions would have you use the F-4C-B short burner can and not the F-4J long burner can, they call out the wrong horizontal stabilizers, wrong wheel hubs, would have you put the WSOs control stick in the rear cockpit, the Navy had RIOs NOT WSOs and you could NOT fly a Navy F-4 Phantom from the rear seat as the Air Force could. The inboard weapons pylon is 53 NOT 49. Also they make no mention of the 2 side wall pieces that go on an F-4J in the rear cockpit, items 73 and 74. They are there because the Navy uses a probe that retracts into the right side of the fuselage taking space away from the RIO, the Air Force has a receptacle on the fuselage spine in back of the cockpit. As far as I know that’s basically whats wrong with the instructions. Here is a Monogram 1/72 F-4J and F-4C I built a few years ago. Both planes served in Vietnam and the F-4C is painted in it’s original gray scheme before they introduced the SEA camo scheme, an early war F-4C.
F4J 4

I just started work, slowly getting a start. The cockpit and sidewalls have excellent details, I have started the interior gray color.I have most of the colors figured except one that puzzles me. I figured out the light aircraft gray and the medium sea gray but I am not sure of barley gray. I think it has a greenish tint? here is what I have found for barley gray in paint colors. I am by far no RAF paint expert.
Humbrol 167 Barley Grey

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Slow but steady work on the cockpit.

Some more detail painting.

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The RAF J’s were painted in the US before delivery in colours that closely matched the RAF greys over a zinc chromate yellow. As result, 74’s Phantoms look more blue than the FGR.2’s painted with BS colours. Not uncommon to see a slightly green hue in some light conditions.

When I get home from work later, I’ll dig around my references and see if I can find anything on the FS paints used.

Projects going well.

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Thanks, looking at doing them in British colors not delivery colors if that’s possible.

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That brings up a good question as I’m not sure if they ever were repainted thinking about it? Their service was pretty short as once the Tornado F.1 started to enter service, FGR.2’s began to become available to 74Sqn. Almost all were replaced in a few years. I think most were returned to the US Navy.
I’ll check my references tonight and see what I dig up for you.

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Thanks, I heard that some were repainted in British colors but not sure how many or if it is true. That’s one subject I have no knowledge on, I just have heard stories or speculations. Any help would be appreciated.

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It’s possible some could have been during maintenance. It would make sense from a uniformity point of view. The US colours drew a few eyebrows from what I’ve read!

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The cockpit is done except for the ejection pulls on the seat tops. I add them last when the canopy goes on as I always seem to break them off during the build.

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Ok, here’s what I’ve found in the MDF Datafile Overseas Phantoms.

F-4JUK’s were delivered in FS36314 Flint Grey, FS36720 Medium Grey and 36440 Light Grey. It does mention repaints during service life, but annoyingly doesn’t say when this would likely have happened. My guess, would be this probably happened as aircraft were modified to carry Skyflash missiles. But, the book has one photo of a Skyflash armed aircraft in its original US paint! I’ve included the list of BS colours too.
Another little detail in the book, is that the aircraft were fitted with a periscope mounted on the port side of the canopy for the back seater. Not sure how to go about making that!

I checked this against the Kitsworld instruction sheet and they also provide the FS numbers, but name the as the BS equivalents. I think they’ve put FS36440 twice in error. I think the darker should be FS36720.

If I were to make an educated guess, the FS colours are more likely to be on an aircraft from mid to late 80’s. From 89 till 91, BS colours are more likely.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks that helps a LOT! Is this FGR.2 in barley grey?

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