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New Polish Armoured Car WZ.28 3D printed, available in 1/35 and 1/48 editions

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3D printing certainly takes a lot of the pain out of the build! The tracks (which would have been rubber) look slightly odd and would require careful painting to get a realistic effect.

3D printed kits and accessories can really do well to replace normal PE parts and vinyl parts. I built ICM’s Leichttraktor Rheinmetall that came with heavy vinyl tracks and they were thick and difficult to work with. Luckily I had purchased FC Modeltrends 3D printed tracks. They look great, but the resin in brittle and requires care. Cleaning attachment points can be tricky. When sanding parts, the dust is created is unhealthy to breathe, so a mask should be used. You know are assembling with CA glue or epoxy glue, which act and dry differently than plastic cement. And than you have to use a good primer to ensure the paint sticks. You gain detail and subject matter, but trade it with a need to be careful and approach the build differently.

Oh, one more thing. I ordered this kit in 1/35 scale. Hope to have it in 2 weeks.

From Where? How much? Shouldn’t this information be included in the promotion?

Just askin’…

Do these guys have a web page? I’m not even finding a Facebook page for them. How do you order?

Facebook page, not sure how to order if a non Facebooker

Thank you, Ryan. I’m not on Facebook. If that is the only way to order, I’ll have to pass on their products.


I don’t know and not a Facebooker either. I don’t know another way to order or contact, maybe @varanusk knows?

I have sent you a message with his mail, it’s published on Facebook but prefer not to release it openly here. If anyone needs it as well, just let me know.

I still find it very awkward that I’m not easily able to find a list of available products, or prices. I’ve found (through random googling…) that has done/still does/used to do a lovely little Ford three ton tank. Which I’d quite like to purchase. Maybe.

A facebook store seems an easy option?