F/S 1/350th Warships

I have the following 1/350 ships for sale. Kits are open, but complete unless noted. Ship to US
only. Shipping cost is additional from Michigan 48329. Accept Paypal or USPS money orders.
You can contact me at kurski at comcast dot net.

600222 Zuikaku 1944. Edition with metal barrels.( will throw in Hasegawa Carrier aircraft set)

600017 Haruna1944(includes Master barrels)$175.00


1029 USS Gearing $50.00
1054 German Z-31 $30.00

Very Fire
350910 USS Iowa $95.00

HMS Ark Royal (includes Master barrel set and Trumpeter Swordfish set) $140.00

5319 Littorio (includes Master barrels) $90.00
5325 HMS Warspite (includes Master barrels) $50.00
5312 HMS Repulse (includes Master barrels) $ 75.00
5601 USS Hornet (includes extra Trumpeter B-25 set) $70.00
5334 HMS Belfast (includes Master barrels) $60.00
5350 HMS Exeter (includes Master barrels) $70.00
5316 Graf Spee (includes Master barrels) $50.00
5348 Fiume (includes Master barrels) $70.00
5302 HMS Hood (missing lower hull, waterline only) includes Flyhawk FH 350099 upgrade set.