F104 and a Spitfire Mark 9-What they have in common

What they have in common is my desire to know who makes the best 1/48th kit of each.

Thanks for responding.

Which Mk of Spitfire?

Spitfire → Eduard, no matter what Mk. :+1: Have build a few so far …

Mark 9

I would say Eduard for a 1/48 Spitfire IXc or IXe

I recently did the Kinetic F-104A/C. I’m not much of an aircraft modeller- I do them for a bit of variety- for me it was a decent kit and went together nicely.

So it looks like Eduard’s Spit mark 9 Prof and Kinetics F104 A/C are on my list.
I ordered a Takom Panzer 3 based on Takoms rising reputation and got sorta short changed. That was the back story on why I asked before leaping this time.
Thanks for your advice.

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when I would do an F-104 again, I would go for the old 1/48 Hasegawa kit in combinaiton with the DACO improvement set

DACO F-104G Starfighter Improvement set (dacoproducts.com)