FA-50 Philippine Air Force (1/48 Academy + 3D printed parts)

FA-50, Philippines Airforce, (Academy 1/48 kit with 3D tail, decals and fuel tanks from Odyssey 3D Prints). Armed with two AIM-9L sidewinders, two Mk. 82 bombs, and 3 external fuel tanks.

Photo compared side by side with the real FA-50 (photo from Phil Air Force) and the T-50B Black Eagle, Korean Exhibition Team (photo from Efrain Noel Morota Aviation Photography)

The FA-50PH serves as a Lead In Fighter Trainer (LIFT) as well as a Light Attack Aircraft for the Philippine Airforce. Initially procured during the time of President Noynoy Aquino, deliveries for 12 airframes would be made from 2014-2017.

There are still some bits and bobs missing from a real FA-50, luckily Answer has produced a 1/48 kit of the FA-50PH that has the parts in plastic.