Fairey Aviation GOR339 Project 75

Firstly I’m not very good at this blog thing so please forgive me if I jump around.

Now secondly I have already done work on this, the first photo was after a day building it while at a model show I attended with our own Kitmaker British Bulldogs. The kit is 3D printed but with a clear cast resin canopy, fit is very good - more on that later! The tyres come separate which will aid painting.

Now a little history of the real project.
The British Air Staff drew up its General Operational Requirement (GOR) 339 for a Canberra replacement in 1957, eight airframe companies were invited to study the requirement and comment upon its feasibility. The chain of events then put in progress led eventually to the production, testing — and cancellation — of the TSR-2, one of the best-known aeroplanes of the 'sixties. Fairey were one of those companies.

Fairey GOR.339 submission.
Length : 100ft 9in, Span : 34ft8in, Height : 17ft9in, Gross wing area : 600square feet.
Max speed : about Mach2
1000nm mission could be performed .(only internal fuel)
Gross weight : 55,900lb
Engine : Two Rolls-Royce RB.142R with variable reheat and downward angle of 5°.
Alternate Olympus 15R.

RAF museum store Stafford
Some of the designs;
English Electric




So enough words, where are the photos
The box top

After cleaning parts and end of day one, one of the two non-descript bombs included which will be replaced with a pair of WE-177A tactical nuclear free fall bombs from AIM

Bang seats cleaned up ready for primer

And lastly where I’m at now, regarding the fit I commented on as being very good well yes except for the wing root join, filler and lots and lots of sanding to get them level, also a quick test fit of the canopy and well that will be interesting. In case your’re wondering the nose cone has been left off until I know if it will require nose weight or not.

Test fit of canopy, you can see the sides of the canopy and the fuselage contours don’t match!