Fairey Swordfish floatplane Tamiya

So, as getting back to the hobby a couple of years ago I build mainly 1/35 afv armour.
But, as it all started in ‘67 with a lightblue ME 262 from Airfix in bag, with only a little kitchen knife and Humbrol Silver, I thought now it would be the time to build a flying machine. And in mind the story of the Bismarck it would be the Tamiya Swordfish.
Alas only the floatplane version was available, but as floatplanes always appealed to the imagination, it wasn’t a problem to me.
I got the bracing wire set from Tamiya with it and bought the Eduard PE set.
Oh dear, I miscalculated quite a bit about the amount of work that goes into the plane. From miniscule pe parts, to many parts in different colours.
But as with afvs, it builds like an Tamiya, although I made some mistakes in the process. I used Winston fluid Masking from 25 years ago, which is not willing to come off easily. And in my eager to see some building results after much time spended on the inside, I glued the wings and floaters too soon on the model.
Looks cool but almost impossible to handle it now.
But it IS fun to build a plane :slight_smile:


Into the rigging


Getting there


Decals are on, did some washes, the end is near
Made some progress with the vignette, will be at the British shore (like the old picture)

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