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Darren Baker takes a look at one of the latest releases from Tankograd in the form of ‘Farewell BAOR the last years of the British Army of the Rhine 1989-1994’.

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I realize that the West German people were of mixed feelings concerning occupational forces that became NATO allies but I for one enjoyed the occasional sighting of the odd tank force out on maneuvers through the countryside; it was chilling and fascinating to watch. Ditto on observing American armored forces in the Nuremberg region during the 1980s. Books and photo materials like this serve to inform and remind us of a period in history.


Whenever serving in BAOR I had fond memories of transiting across the country when one always seemd to encounter other NATO nations, from convoys of Belgian logisitic vehicles on the autobahns, to getting mixed up on someone else’s exercise, or one sight I will never forget (our Corps HQ was deployed small German village) a whole battalion of Jagdpanzerkanonen tearing through the streets - one of the most imrpessive things I’ve ever seen.

But there were other touches as well: queueing up with a Dutch unit to use the wash-down at Hohne, stumbling over a Panzergrenadier unit in the same forest, scrounging coffee from a Belgian infantry battalion and marvelling at their large green berets, or driving over the Moehne Dam making the theme from The Dambusters film noises on our way to use the Canadians incinerator for our clasified waste. One always felt part of something worthwhile although I’m sure the German population groaned.

A lot of it was also good fun and interesting even if, at the time, we were tired out of our tiny brains.

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