Fat/wide tires on a Kubelwagen in WW2

Anyone got a real pic of these fat/wide tires on a Kubelwagen??

I’m not sure that they would fit. I’ve seen pictures the other way around, with Kubel tyres on a Schwimmwagen. However the sand tyres fitted to desert Kubels are a fatter section than the standard ones.
Ask Frenchy, he’s good at photo research!

They had no reason to put these tires on a Kubelwagen because it was only 2 wheel drive. The Shwimmwagen was 4 wheel drive and so benefitted from these “mudder” tires. The only alternative tires for the Kubelwagen are the balloon sand tires for the desert.



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Google is my tool

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Dan I did about two hours searching on google/images and couldn’t find a pic. What did you type in to bring up that pic?? Thanks again you have been a great help :slight_smile:

Yes, of course. The Americans had to throw a lift kit and big wheels under a 2WD ride.

Well it does look cooler :slight_smile: and will in 1/35 and 1/16 :slight_smile:

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Captured kubelwagen
I’ve seen the pic before so I knew it was out there.
I don’t think that I’ve seen one in German service with fat tires however.


Could be wrong but I doubt they rushed out to put a new set of tires on. I’ll take it as the Germans adding them, it may have made the ride more comfortable :slight_smile:

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Thank you, but you are the master!

These guys seem to be mechanics so I bet they did put these tires on

Dan Dan Dan don’t say such things, the Germans made so many machines and one offs. I am sure one crazy German would of tested it and then three others. So I will build three as well…

Hell there are only one or two pics of some German machines that existed so I am pretty sure there weren’t pics taken of every Kubelwagen. Well that’s what I am going with :slight_smile:

Thanks again Dan

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Here we go:

And here. And I’m sure have seen at least a couple more during the last weeks of the war in Czechoslovakia but should dig a lot.

Now you have your German phatt tire pics.