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This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/faustusmodels-tiger-i-ausf-e-late-turret-hatches-3d-print-set-1-35-1-16

My first thought seeing the pictures was Nicholas Moran’s “Oh, bugger, the tank is on fire” segment of his Tiger 1 video, showing why he thinks the 'crank to raise the hatch before you can turn it to open it" system is poor design.

Hmmm. Those items are good, but not very good. You can tell that the loader’s hatch is not a real one, if you put it beside a real one.
And the cupola hatch? Compare its edge to this real one…


There are actual German diagrams of these things, published in books.


Hey David, this hatch is based partially on an actual blueprint as well as on a 3D scan; I also know about this rounded cupolas hatch, I think there where actually different productions for those pieces which produced those slightly differently.

Yes indeed that comes to mind xD

Sorry, but I’m obliged to substantiate what I say.

Here’s the hatch of Tiger 131 which seems to be the type represented by the set?
Notice the width of the flange around the edge. Much wider than on the scale part.


And there’s a whole other type of hatch for Early Tigers, the “welded” version, which was used on roughly half of the Early Tigers. This one has a very different edge, welded all around.



Regarding the cupola hatch. I’ve been looking through my collection of Tiger photos and diagrams, but I can’t find a hatch like that scale model. Where did you see such a hatch?


the handle on the loader’s hatch is in the wrong location.

Not to mention that the hatch’s corners on the original are more rounded than on this kit.

As for the commander’s hatch…

Dunno if you can see it clearly, but you may compare.

kinda hard to find good original images of a Mid or late production Tiger for comparisson.

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I didn’t say anything about the location of the handle, because the manufacturer’s image at the top of this thread shows the hatch and cupola installed on a “Mid” Tiger - or, one of the first few “Late” Tigers.
In summary, it shows a turret roof that is 25mm thick. That’s the original thickness and it was used until the “Late” Tigers were uparmoured to have a 40mm roof, and that happened after a small number of “Late” Tigers were already shipped with 25mm roofs.
The 25mm roof is distinguished by having that raised frame surrounding the loader’s hatch. Also they have a transverse weld seam near the front.
On a 25mm roof, the hatch handle is in the middle, as per the photos that I posted. So, there was no problem with the depiction in the first post of the thread.

But you’re correct to flag this. The hatches shown here are not correct for most of the “Late” Tigers and your photos demonstrate why not. A hatch for a 40mm roof has its handle off to the side, AND it doesn’t have those two long arms connecting it to the hinge - except for the first few examples, where they converted old hatches for the new roof.