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3d printed accessories 1/16 scale.

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What’s up with the Thompson SMG in the Jeep Accessory set? I mean, seriously!

And what about the brim on those M1 helmet liners? Even the early “thick” liners didn’t extend that far.

Have the people at FC Model Trend actually looked at what they’re trying to replicate or just guessing it?

I have bought a few FC Model Trend prints before I got into CADding and 3D printing myself. They were all quite disappointing. These are no exceptions unfortunately. Square-looking tires, MGs lacking details, etc. Not recommended.

I have had a similar experience with this provider.
I bought their item 35511 Dodge WC HW pattern tire. From the description it was not clear how many wheels are included. There was no reply to my email request. Unfortunately, these are only 4 wheels. So no spare wheel. Which is understandable in retrospect because the back of the wheel has no rim details. You would see that immediately with the spare wheel, which is attached to the spare wheel holder with the inside facing out.
Incidentally, I have never been able to see the back of a wheel on any of the FC Model Trend wheel sets.
Is it the same with other sets?