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New Accessories and figures at 1/35 scale

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I have purchased a lot of parts from this company and have found that they are very nice.
There have been a few problems though, the american Pioneer tool racks are shown with the tools but none are provided. The German Ammo bags shown above are listed as 1/24th. on the sheet but listed as 1/35th. in the listing on their web site. Which are they? I need a bunch if they are 1/35th , but none if 1/24th.
I have ordered 3 sets of them in 1/16th. I’m not really shure what scale they are, they look really big compared to the ones in the Jagdpanther i’m working on now.

I would email Federico, I have good luck in the past talking with him.

It is a mistake on the cover, scale is 1/35