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FC Modeltrend has some serious problems with the material they use in making their 3-D parts, they are on such complicated gates and when you mix that with warping and brittleness and melting when I try to heat it like the simple fix of resin, it breaks. The last order I put in has put me off FC. Also, other 3D makers have the same problem and some don’t but it is too expensive to purchase from companies who print 3D, like MJ and Peddinghouse and FC, to find out that I don’t want to buy any more of their products. It’s all in unforgiving, brittle and warp. Trex Studios and Heavy Hobby have never given me any problems except for tracks where the commenting pins won’t stay in. So Im off 3-D printed tracks in favor of metal once again.


That White scout car tarp looks like the skin of a 90 year old man that has soaked in a bathtub for 2 hours…


Hey I’ll have you know I’m only 76.
Nah really I quit ordering from them , I found that a lot of their stuff is a little off scale.
I ordered 2 sets of the German Ammo Bags in 1/16th. What came is closer to 1/6th scale.


I ordered some 1/35 items from FCModeltrend. Never again. Their stuff is so rough it looks like it is made out of that child’s toy “Silly Sand”. I tried, very hard, to smooth the parts with Mr. Surfacer and even Bondo spot putty with little success. The parts were totally sub-standard and unusable. I binned the whole order. Highly not recommended!


I order much things of FC Model and I am realy satisfied .Tracks for Leichttracktor are amazing and easy to cut from the sprues.Some of the grills are not that good because the material is to thick .I order also the Maultier M3 Halftrack and Brencarrier supensions and they are amazing sharp and crisp in Detail …I don´t see any problems with this stuff .Yankasippi buy stuff from Heavy Hobby and you will know what many complicated gates mean .Thats the same all the times , if you not able to work with 3D parts don´t buy them and don´t start a rand every time on 3D manufacturers that´s anoying ! You sound like a very well known argentinian troll everybody knows .