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See the new 3D printed sets from FC Molde Trend

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Has anyone bought any of these products? How is the quality? I have only ever seen their CAD’s of their products.

I have not had a bad product from them to date and the owner is very active on forums if you do have an issue.

I have several smaller detail sets. Their British aerial bases are very good as is the MG mount for the BV 206. The M3 Stuart upgrade set looks excellent, but I have not laid primer on that.

Like any manufacturer, some of the sets have disappointments. Their Modern German Headlight set does not have clear lens despite this being a separate part and I presume their others are the same, so I have bought none of them.

Their set for the Tamiya Horch 1a is inaccurate - it has the Type 40 “H” Frame with the U shaped parts meant to go over the interior stored spare wheel and the rear seat frames have no actual seats to go on the frame and the Tamiya ones are the wrong shape and size.

Would I buy more of their products - yes.

The M151 wheels are for USMC vehicles, not Army or Air Force. The square center hub is the distinguishing point. The accompanying photo of the M151A2 shows the more-frequently used tie-down style hub, which should be an option for these wheels.
Additionally, the M561 Gama Goat wheels appear smaller in cross-section than the real thing (they’re really beefy), and the wheel hub/brake drum is too small. Compare again to the photo of the M561, and see how narrow the space is between the brake drum and the outer wheel rim. You could barely fit a socket wrench in that gap to replace the tire on the Goat.

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