FEATURE: Fries Strabo Crane & Tiger I

Piet Siegel shares the latest picture of his diorama featuring the Fries Strabo crane and a Tiger I undergoing maintenance:

![IMG_1833|640x480] ![IMG_1835|375x500] IMG_1836 IMG_1837


Fantastic. Very good Dio showing a great realistic scene. All in its place and as you would expect it. That crane would open up some great Dio possibilities for people. Thanks for sharing

Wow! Lots to take in. Very nice work.

Quite an undertaking! Lots of interesting things to look at in this diorama.


Great one, a lot of detail and stuff going on but not overloaded. I like it a lot!

Very , very cool !!

If I could see this in person I would probably take a half hour looking at it! Excellent detail and so much of it, right down to the last wrench and bolt. Really an outstanding scene.

That’s totally badass!

~ Eddy :tophat: