Feature writeup

I’ve been asked to submit a short writeup for a feature, how does one go about that?

Yes, it is confusing on how to get started.

First, click on the “Our Sites” tab next to the globe in the upper left of this page on the top red banner. Then select which site you want it in. This will take you to that site’s home page. Once there, you will need to go to the upper right of the page and click on the “Person” icon to create a new log-in using an email, it is not the same as the forums log-in and each site has a different log-in. Once logged in, click the “Create” button to the left of the log-in / person icon. This will take you to the on-line submission page. You should be able to fill it out and select where it applies from there.

There are also these topics on helping with adding content. Some of them have video tutorials, etc.


Thanks! This is a first for me so I’d like to do it right.

I’m following the instructions in the How To video exactly and I can’t load any photos from my laptop. I get a window that says “There was a problem, the file failed to upload”
Do I have to load them from the Kitmaker library? If so, I’ll have to create one first… or is there such a thing anymore?
Any help appreciated.

There may be a size issue. All web servers have a maximum file upload setting and ours is set to either 2 or 3mb. So raw high resolution photos might not be able to be uploaded depending on your camera setup, etc. Check the file size (and type of file). Another example would be Apple photos that are not standard files but multi-image files (almost like a small video). You can only upload .jpg, .png, or .jpeg type photos.

I’ll check the size, thanks. My pics upload okay when I’m doing a blog, but that’s from flickr. Should be the same format and size though…
It’s kind of frustrating, my first time, and I’m not what one would call a whiz-kid regarding this stuff.

I resize all my images to 1400 x 800 max that I upload. 72ppi is fine. Just make sure they are Jpegs.

I’ll have to figure out how to resize them, they are jpeg. Thanks.

There are many apps for mobiles, free software to download and online sites to do so, ask if you need help.

I give up. I resized the pics I want to use and I still get an error message. Is it possible to load from a photo service like Flickr? I’ve tried that too, same thing. These pics loaded just fine to the thread I initially posted them to.
Ooooh, wait a minute, I may have stumbled onto something…
And success. Thanks to all who held my hand!

So, what was the issue? It may help others to know…

In a word, size. It was all about the size. I tried resizing the pics I had saved from my laptop “Pictures”, but they still wouldn’t upload. I had already tried uploading from Flickr, got the same error message, so I was wondering what was up. Almost by accident, I saw a download symbol at the base of the Flickr individual picture screen, hit it and after a right click, was presented with a menu, one item being : “resize” How convenient. I had to make them quite a bit smaller but they uploaded. Next time (if there is one) I’ll experiment with the size to see what flies and what doesn’t.
I learned something, finally.