💥 February Release: Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe | AeroScale

The long-awaited 1:35 scale release of the legendary Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe will be available in February!

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Yup . yup . yup . yup . yup . yup . yup! Distant rotor sounds closing in …
… My wallet is gonna’ get really thin. $$$$$🚁$$$$$🪝



I like the idea of a 1/35 CH54 but the reality is another thing altogether…,this is gonna’ be a real space eater, what with the rotors n’ all…

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I get that. Hoping they expand to the 53, then with the folded rotors part of the problem is solved.


But if I fold the rotors, how am I gonna’ suspend a 1/35 Tamiya PBR underneath it?

Decisions, decisions….


Ok easy……shadow box, either trim the blade on one side or create view ports and trim the blades on all sides like if looking at it from the cargo bay porthole on a supporting helo flying parallel or or……your the lead 54 looking out the rear cockpit window at the trail 54 carrying the PBR.

Your welcome. :sunglasses:


They have gone and lost their minds!!! $265 MSRP.
There is not enough plastic in that box to justify that price. The tank guys are getting all sorts of new kits big one too 1/16 and they are less than $150.
No no no no no!!! I wanted this kit and was going to buy a couple to build as fire fighting version. This will never happen and they have lost me a customer. You know what who cares no one will listen to anyone anymore i will just be called a karen.

Ugh Sorry this one made me mad.

Over 2-1/2 feet (760+ mm) long and 2 feet (610+ mm) wide.

Hmmm… Would be a fun build but not sure what I’d do with it once it was finished.

Find a better price here: $195.94 USD and FREE Shipping.

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