Feedback wanted - Thunder Models Scammell Pioneer

OK a vague title.
I’ve a hankering to start a collection of 1/35 trucks. First on my wish list is a British WW2 Scammell. They is just ugly and look like they mean business.
Question - I can’t find much in the way of reviews on Thunder Models. So what’s the feedback on Thunder Models? I don’t mind extra work and will more than likely convert is to some sort of ‘after the war’ unit.

Hello! British vehicles from this period are so ugly that they are pretty! :heart_eyes:Browse the IBG offer - they have released the Chevrolet and Bedford family of vehicles.They also have Scammele Good luck with your search and fun. :+1:

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I have built their Bergehetzer (quite different from this truck, I know) and it was a nice kit. Good detail, good fit. Not perfect but only minor issues.

Two articles from PMMS that may interest you :


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While I have yet to build it , I have the Thundermodel Scammell Pioneer recovery vehicle.
IIRC the Thundermodel kit is better than the IBG in terms of accuracy.

Thunder Models do the better version of the Scammell as IBG’s have some proportion issues. That said, the rear tyres on Thunder’s kits are fictional tread. LZ Models does great replacements:

But there are other companies that do them too.

I have build 2 Thunder kits, the 7.2 inch Gun and a Hetzer recovery vehicle. They went together well, with no more effort than usual for any manufacturer. I have the Artillery tractor and Tank transporter combo in the stash. I don’t think you would be sorry if you acquired one.

The PMMS reviews are a good reference for fixing the other two issues, the stowage rack and steps.

This is mine. It will give you a challenge but looks good in the end. I have several others, and I will build them as well.


Thanks for the feedback. Ive never come across Thunder Models before so im about to place my order and find out.

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Oh dear oh dear. I placed my order and you won’t believe what happened! I “accidentally” ordered a ICM Leyland Terrier as well. Shhhhhh. Dont tell the wife. Just between us ok?


Which retriever - Early or later…

Its an ICM #35600.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Ah, the same one that fell into my shopping cart when I was not looking. :grinning:

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What SWMBO doesn’t know is that you’re doing the responsible thing and saving on shipping!

I made a start on this kit quite a while back, But for some reason stopped. Spent loads of time on the winch gear only to find it all gets covered by the cab.

The engine benefits from a few wires and wotnot.


That engine is beautiful. Job well done!

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