FeR Miniatures 54mm Napoleon 1815

Since I asked @staff_Jim for this subforum might as well use it. Built it and they will come.

This my third figure from them but first one I am painting. Overall I think the figure looks great. Lots of detail, minimal clean up needed.

I have attached the arm and plan to prime this weekend. Since I haven’t worked much with figure painting this makes more sense to me. Allows me to paint the inside jacket collar and not mess up any neck or face painting. Always looking for any advice or better practice, especially colors to use. I have and like Vallejo paints for figure painting.

Noticed a pin hole on the shoe that will need to be addressed before priming.


Excellent subject.
I would have made the same sub assemblies you have done.

Looking forward to more.

Thanks. Any thoughts on the jacket and inner vest colors? I was thinking maybe reflective green for the outer vest, stencil for the pants, German black/brown for the boots, black grey for the gloves, German tank uniform for the hat. I am going to the hobby store tomorrow night and will look for a better green.

Added primer this weekend.

After closer inspection, another coat is needed. Might need grab another can of primer while I am at the hobby store.

Removed a pour tab on the base and added another coat of primer.

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Talking with the shop owner who is figure modeler but more towards the gaming side. I am going with black green over a black base for the outer vest and French Mirage Blue mixed with white for the inner vest and coat. We shall see how it looks.

Interested to see what color scheme you decide to apply.