Ferrari 312T recent completion

Hi there, another recent project that was finished.

Tamiya Ferrari 312T 1/12 scale. This one was a 3 month build and I added a lot of additional detail using Top Studio and Crazy Modeler, MFH and SMS.

Paint is a 3 stage with Tamiya pink base coat, then a Tamiya LP Red, and then Tamiya LP Clear coat. Rubbed down with Micromesh and then waxed.



amazing details.

Glorious detail!! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :sunglasses:

Magnificent work!

Photoshopping the real thing onto a display base … you should be ashamed :grin:. Beautiful work! The time you put into the paint really paid off.

Beautiful job ! Glad you are on board and thanks for sharing.

Just an amazing build.
Details every where I looked in the overall engine picture. Every hose, line, and wire along with their individual connectors just adds to illusion of realism that you’ve achieved.
My main focus for the last several years has been the overall look of the finished build, so paint, decals, gloss, polish & wax are my goals. So naturally that’s what I studied 1st after enlarging the pictures. The paint has that mile deep gloss finish, and the decals look exactly like the stickers did after the mechanics applied them on the real car.

Thankyou, I based the build off the one which sold at auction recently, the web site for it had some excellent photo references.

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WOW!!! Man I don’t even know where to start in commenting on this bad boy!!!

Awesome work in ALL aspects!!

Captain Obvious II

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super no other words