Ferret in Aden Queries

I am planning to depict my recently acquired 1/72-scale Ferret Mk.2 as a vehicle serving in Aden (1963-1967).
(1) What are my options regarding AOS and Formation Signs for such a vehicle?
(2) Am I correct in thinking that these vehicles would have initially been painted overall Dark
Bronze Green (Gloss), with some of them being given a disruptive camouflage of Light
Stone, or indeed a total repainting in Light Stone?



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Getty imagines have some good pictures from Aden

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Thanks for the response … I’ll check these out.


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1963-67 means quite a turnover of units Paul; whilst the AOS and Aden formation signs wouldn’t change the units rotating through would add/remove badges as necessary.

This decal sheet (for 1:35 admittedly) might give you a starting point.

There were other mods such as removing bins to aid mine-blast deflection/vehicle exit as well, but you’ll have to dig around a bit.

A nice almost poignant touch was the attachment of the Fusilier hackle to the antennae of both the Saladins and Ferrets of the QDG who supported the Argylls when they made their assault to regain Crater in July 67. This was to commemorate the casualties of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers - an outgoing battalion - not least those incurred in June when several of their soldiers’ bodies were extensively mutilated and burned.

The so-called Aden Emergency was a very bloody, vicious war (“Emergency” reflecting the usual governmental refusal to look facts in the face) which seems almost forgotten today, and just regarded as just another “Closing down of Empire” conflict.


Aden 1967. “Checkpoint Bravo. A Ferret Scout Car of ‘A’ Squadron, Queens Dragoon Guards, returns in the early morning from having escorted military vehicles through Sheikh Othman.”


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