Ferret Mk2

This is the Airfix Ferret Mk2.
I picked this kit up at the Scale Model Challenge expo last autumn, just to see what it was like. I built it straight from the box, just as a fun little project between more involved projects.



Sorry to put you out,
but the open to the sky hatches would be the same green as the exterior, in order to blend in with the surroundings, a silver hatch would show up very well, on a green background and aircraft flying over.

The rest of the interior would be silver as it’s not showing outside.


Thanks! Easy fix, so shouldn’t be a problem.
FWIW the color I used is silver, it just looks kinda white in the pics.


You know even without all the bells and whistles it still builds up into a nice little model and you have built it well.

Typically the inside of the turret is green also for the reasons Frank mentioned above (see the pic of one of the 15th/19th Hussars Ferrets in Cyprus below). I imagine it would be very hard to re-do the paint there. There are plenty of pics showing silver turrets but I believe these are re-painted vehicles in private hands. The GPMG gun cradle was silver as they were a modification, however I have seen pics of green .30 Browning gun cradles.


Excellent pics, thanks!

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