Few figures for new diorama

Hey, its been a while since I posted anything. Been slowly working on a new diorama. Here are a few of the figures for it. Still along way to go before the diorama is complete.

Thanks for looking.

Bart Campbell


Nice looking figures. Can’t wait to see them on the diorama. Please post some progress photos.

Bart those figures are excellent! Great job on them can’t wait to see them in a diorama

What paints do you use?

Also love the fact that you made them muddy- soldiers in the field get filthy and it’s not easy to depict realistically in miniatures.

Very nice figures…well painted!

Welcome Bart and that’s a way to make an entrance !! Those figures are nothing short of exceptional., Skin tones, cam schemes, equipment… Cannot be faulted. If they are the bench mark them the Dio will be amazing …would be nice to know more about the figures etc, paints used, maker etc …
I wish figures I attempted were even a quarter as good as those…:+1::+1:

Very nice figures, which brand are they? Painting is excellent.

Fantastic paint… especially the faces. Very believable. you should put on a master class

Great looking figures. Tell us more about the diorama you’re planning.


A fantastic bunch of figures with top class paintwork.

I use a combo of oils over acrylics for the faces and alot of the uniforms. Depending on what I am painting I will use enamels as well.

As for paint company I use mainly Tamiya for Acrylics, Abt 502 for oils, and Testors/Model Master for enamels.

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The figures are a mix of different brands. I used Alpine, Evolution, Rado, Master Box and a few others as well. Some were converted and they all have Hornet heads.

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