FH-70 in 1/35 from Hobby Japan

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An injectiom moulded FH-70, YAY! a bit more info here :

due march this year.




Well, I didn’t see that one coming! A superb addition to the world of artillery - and not too badly priced either. However, we’ll need a decent towing cum limber vehicle for this and as I recall it every user nation had their own design. There is a Bundeswehr conversion for the Revell MAN truck by Y Modelle (and they also do their own FH 70 anyway), but the rest of us might struggle.

Nice that this one should appear though.

Good news indeed! I still remember shuddering the old Hobby Fan release. A real piece of crap. I wonder what will be the price in Europe. With the MAN 7 ton truck announces from HobbyBoss, it will be a “perfect” couple.

I’m assuming this never actually came to fruition, but I’ve just noticed this on the Track-Link site (and borrowed the pic); it reports that it’s due out Jan next year:

Perhaps others know a bit more, or at least a bit more than me. If it didn’t see the light of day a couple of years ago, then this is good news; conceivably it could be a re-issue? In any case, as I say, if one is on the cards then great.

It has been on sale for about three years :

It exist , I have one :yum:




I also have one, but be warned, since it´s the JGSDF version, I can only be used for JGSDF. European guns have a different engine and will need some scratchbuilding.
I don´t think that Hobby Japan will make an extra kit for NATO modellers.

Maybe it’s an artillery term I’m not familiar with, but how exactly does a towed howitzer have an engine, much less different engines between Japan and Europe?

Powers the hydraulics. Much easier than pumping oil with a handle.
The FH-70 can also move on its own:

The Swedish Haubits 77 (or FH77)

Motor for local maneuvering AND it can also assist the towing vehicle when the
going gets tough, the 6x6 + dumb load becomes an 8x8 (up to 7 km/h I think)

FH-70 in Japan

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Japan build the guns in license so they choose a domestic engine.

Thank you; I didn’t realized there was a hybrid towed/self propelled howitzer out there. Learned something new today!

I like the 4 rounds burst mode and the beefy engine sound. :wink:
Will look good next to my Strv103 model.
Btw We need some more towed artillery pieces in styrene, e.g. M777 and FH77.
IIRC The FH77 played a major role in a Bollywood movie starring Shah Rukh Khan.

Some type of military show/display in India.
Complete with bouncing Indians …

(Discourse tells me I have posted this link before …)
I think the max range is 30 km with special projectiles (the speaker says 42.3 which I doubt is correct)

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I wonder what it will cost? I got to crawl over the SP70 prototype that was at the Firepower museum in Woolwich before it closed, and thought about a scratch-bash project - the gun tube and brake would really come in handy!

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Hmm - tempting!