Fh70, UK version

Nice build! I am still chewing on the HobbyFan release (piece of crap btw). The Japanese release will go on my bench sooner or later.

save your money for the plastic one, more detail,

Frank, already on order from 1999.co.uk :wink:

But I meant the quality of the Y-Modelle kits generally.

The kit is very good overall, placement of some parts can be suspect, some Mildred details not so good, wire that comes with it, no notation of location, if for brake pipe that traction unit connect to its to small.

Somemore work, covers, registration, white bits and camnet.

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Looking good Frank; did you use pigments on the wheels or is that paint? Any figures planned?

I used MIG pigments, no figures planed as pants at them, and no British 80 - 90s figures available for gunnery.

Last bits on, gun control cover, bungees on air leads and electrical connection.