Fiat 806/406 Racing Car

Having built countless small-scale AFV kits over the years, this latest creation is as far away as I could possibly get from my usual subjects. Here we have the Fiat 806/406 1500cc racing car, the original driven by the Pietro Bordoni (winner of the 1927 Italian Grand Prix at Monza).
I have just completed this 1/24-scale model as a commission piece. The multi-media kit dates back to 1975 (produced by Protar) has since been re-released by the same company in the 1990s, and later as an injection-moulded plastic kit by Italeri. The version I have been tackling is the original (approaching 50 years old now), and it certainly shows its age. I would say that this has been the most troublesome kit I have ever built, but the effort has been worthwhile.



That looks really great. Well done.


Just an outstanding build. Great paint and finish. And that engine really came out looking the part. Hard to believe that you turned a 1975 plastic molded kit into a beautiful replica.


Beautiful build Paul, especially of such a classic and an old kit.


Really NICE !!!

Thanks to you all for your positive comments … much appreciated!
As mentioned earlier, I focus on small-scale military subjects, so this
kit presented a variety of challenges. I was certainly working out of my
comfort zone with this one, but I am pleased with the result.