Fictional tank

Haven’t posted anything on here for AGES thanks to work, but recently I got back into a project that’s been sitting around for some time. I wanted to make a fictional 30’s tank from a fictional country. The hull is my own construction from plastic plate, and so are some other details. The turret is from an old Eastern Express (I think!) BT 2. Other details come from a wide variety of sources.
Because I’m generally lazy and impatient, I didn’t do any meticulous measuring; so it’s going to end up a bit skewiff; however, I’m not going to stress about that as this is my first effort, and I did in fact want it to look like a dog’s breakfast anyway. My thinking was that this fictional country needed to arm itself quickly, and while they were happy to look overseas for inspiration, they aren’t that good at bringing it to realisation. It HAS given me the mojo to continue with other similar projects though, and those I WILL measure more carefully.


I think what you have looks pretty good so far. I assume this will be a two person vehicle? Can’t wait to see more.

Interesting concept. :bulb:

Thanks. Yes; I roughly measured it for a 2 man crew; though the hull will probably look a tad over-sized for that, it IS what I’m aiming for. I intend it to look like a designing disaster.

Thanks; I’m trying to work in a lot of the typical features of vehicles of the 30’s, over-engineered and not well suited to mass production. Some of the details will be functional and others just to make it look “busy”.

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Thats impressive