Finally doing figures

The peer pressure was too much and I cracked under the strain .
So been watching some videos and going to give these a whirl . Hopefully they dont end up looking like I used crayons

on them


I would skip the eyes, they are hard to see and can be hard to get right out the gate. For me once I mess that up, it slows everything else down.

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Proud of you Chris. Maybe I’ll dive into the spares bin tonight and start one in solidarity.

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Chris, well done you; all I can say is steady as she goes. Do not be disheartened - ever. it really is a learning curve but the addition of any figures (to a model) to my mind, is always an enhancement and an improvement.

Good luck.


Good luck Chris! I like your attitude. Take your time and be patient. I find the eyes most difficult too and intimidating. Give your best shot and try to enjoy it. I love putting figs with my armor or even stand alone; it looks great next to a vehicle in my opinion.

Great stuff- doing figures is very rewarding. Eyes are always tough no matter if it is your 1st or 501st figure. There are also more than one way to tackle them. Plus a well defined head makes it that little bit easier to do eyes. One reason I tend to use Hornet heads is the first class sculpting and casting. However, plastic figure casting is very good these days and the stock heads in this kit are likely to be well cast.

But in any case best of luck and don’t worry about it too much!

That is a good idea

Thank you brother . Just being me , I have already modified their poses and changed allot of subtle things .

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I will be adding these to the M18 . I am only using 3 of the set . Will try to get pictures but maybe not . The cerebral overload is coming on hard . Today was a therapy day .Those are always worse.

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To be honest I am kinda shocked how good they look already with some subtle changes . just maybe I wont screw this up to bad.

Im using the kit heads but not in the way they were originally intended . Ive moved them to different bodies and changed other stuff as well.

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Just dove into figures myself Chris. I appreciate all the “learning curve” comments. There is not doubt there are some steep spots along the way. There are definitely some good videos out there. Unable to leave well enough alone I also did some modifications on the poses. My orthopedic surgeon would never speak to me again if he saw some my alterations.

Modifying a Master Box Panther tank crew to fit into a Panzer IV.

You may have the seen the videos from this guy. He’s pretty accomplished.

It’s worth noting his use of what’s called a wet palette. You can see it in the background of some of the videos. Look it up if you’re using acrylic paints. I came on to it in the middle of my effort but I think it has been helpful and makes the job a bit easier.

I would love to see those orthopedic poses …lol

I havent seen that one yet . I have looked at the Nightshift video a few times as well as some others and will try his technique.

Well this is the result from my figure attempt to go with the M18. It is clear I have allot to learn . These arw definitely blockers, they look better from a block away…lol


A very solid first attempt Chris, well done.

Some Matt varnish would knock the slight sheen off the figures very easily.

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I agree with a little Mat varnish they will look great!

Kudos for giving figures a go. They are not my forte either and I’ve been at this for over 50 years. As I don’t do dioramas or vignettes its not crucial. I do well enough to add them to a vehicle to add interest or give some perspective but show stoppers, nah. You’ve done a very credible job, and as others noted a matt finish will knock off the sheen. You have a great foundation upon which to improve your skills. :+1: :+1:


@Panzer_modeler @Armorsmith @Karl187 .Thanks guys . I saw the sheen after it was posted . Learned allot doing these . I do have to say that it would seem the better quality of the figure the better results.
I do intend to keep working at figures now.