Finally finished three sets of German railcars

The kits are from Hobby Boss, Hasegawa, and Modelcollect. The figures I added are Preiser and some AFV club ammo as well. The arrangement of cars isn’t meant to be accurate but rather to fit a particular base length and symmetry. The Dora layout is similar to the model box art and includes Hitler inspecting the weapon. I just thought I’d show these because they are a different kind of presentation.


Well done!
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Lovely. I wish I had the space to display something that size let alone build it.

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You’ve hit the modelling trifecta. Dedication, perseverance and (a trainload of) talent. Stunning work.

The ropework trim on the base really makes the presentation … an impressive miniature recreation and a piece of displayable art. Nicely done and thank-you for sharing your build.

P.S. I am ridiculously jealous of your hobbyroom.


Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated. If you are interested, there is a 5-part build log of the Dora on our Club website 2021. Colin, I built my 600 sqft model shop next to my Man Cave in the basement a few years ago as a place to go when I retired. Not nearly big enough now though. I am lucky to have a very understanding wife of 43 years.


Your photos have done nothing to relieve my jealousy. That’s a great space.

I’ve just told my wife that, for the sake of our marriage, sometime in the next 7 years our basement will need a re-renovation. :grin:

Thanks for posting the photos.


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Keep your hands and elbows inside the ride at all times when touring the model workshop and display!


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Awesome railway models. So cool to see that big gun next to ‘big’ steam locos.

Is that the Renwal Mace and Terracrusier I see on a shelf?

I am green with envy.

I waited 25 years to claim a spare bedroom and convert my 10’ x 12’ space into a model studio. Sometimes marrying off daughters has multiple motives.


Thanks 165thspc, good advice actually. It is getting a bit tight in here again. About time to move some more models to the Man Cave next to the shop and to my office upstairs. And JPTRR, you have good eyesight. That is the original Renwal Mace down there. That one turned out pretty nice despite the age of the kit. SSGToms, we don’t have any kids, just 7 indoor cats who do NOT get to come downstairs to the shop or Cave. Took me a long time to get my spaces as well and I had to build them out myself over a year’s time. Worth it though.

Cheers everyone. :smiley:

Super neato! Those are so cool! More pics wouldn’t go unappreciated, hint hint.

OK Bellerophon, here are a few more shots. I’m not very good with the phone camera though. These models are all 1/72 scale so I put a AA battery in one shot. There is a photo of Hitler I used as an artistic reference for the figures in my Dora build log linked above in this thread. Thanks for your comments, much appreciated.


Thanks for posting those, Sauron! In the last photo, that figure in black at lower right is the paper-hanging son of a bitch, right? Seems everyone is saluting him.

I like the unweathered look that says “this is brand new.” Everything was new once, and showing it that way emphasizes the intent of the engineers who designed it.

Oh, I finally found your link above to your IPMS chapter: 2021
Looks like lots of good stuff there!

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