Finally - V1 Launch Site

Got my second kit today ,
Now i can finish the complete launch ramp… the kit gives you 5 sections but you need 8 and a lot of scratch building to make a operational ramp.


Would you be able to cast some copies of the launch rail pieces to make the correct length.

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At first that was my plan ,
But after some research i found out the kit it missing some major detail especially on the under side sections (see pic) you can’t cast this in a single piece …thats why i got 2 kits.

The sections on the model kit are closed up ,

The kit is realy basic and needs alot of schratch buildig to make it look like a 1944/45 opreational lauch ramp (most of it i already done) .

I am sure somebody in the near future wil make some 3D printed / PE update sets for it .


I have the Mach 2 kit which I thought was a little more manageable in 1:72; but this, in 1:35 will be huge!

48 meter ramp in 1/35th. Wow! Hope you’ll post some “in progress” pics.