Finished: Airfix 1:24 Hawker Typhoon Mk.1B "Car Door"

Here are the pictures of my completed Hawker Typhoon Mk. 1B “Car Door” by Airfix. Not an easy kit to build and, as always, I made plenty mistakes and had to do quite a few repairs due to knocked of parts. Part of this is because it’s size, part of it because of my own clumsiness. As always, I try to show as much of the interior of the kit, though this takes away some of the characteristic lines of this iconic aircraft. But then again, it would be a pity not to show the intricate engine. Choices, choices…
Comments are welcome…


That is a big old bird Erwin, but it’s a great finish and I think you made the right decision leaving the various areas open and on view… To much nice detail to keep hidden away…lovely work. :+1:

Not sure about if the cat likes it or not… Is it in attack mode lol ??:pouting_cat:

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Thanks John… The instructions don’t even mention the configuration of the cowling like I did. Completely open, only top open or closed up. Ofcourse I had to do things different :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, she scurried away shortly after taking the photo… I was actually lucky that I was able to take it with her on the table…

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Love it! :heart_eyes:

Cheers mate!

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