Finished! - Dragon #6315 Panzer IV F

Background, model was assembled in 2012 remained unpainted until late 2020, when being on the forum stoked my motivation.

I felt construction was quite time consuming at 56 hours excluding tracks for basically an out of the box build with customer fender springs & small chains added. In anycase, I’m happy to complete a second new project this year.

An older set of Fruil “clasp” tracks without the wire were used. They were easy to quickly assemble and trouble free. Tracks were burnished with Birchwood Casey Super Blue and sanded light to expose metal. The green armored glass was simulated with silver paint and clear green on Evergreen strip. The Evergreen strip was used because I’d forgot about masking the plastic clear parts in 2012 and didn’t burnish down the edges of the masking tape before painting in 2020! Paint stained the edges of the clear plastic parts according. The the Aber brass antenna is workable.

The unit markings provided by Dragon only had a Panzer Gray/Dunkelgrau RAL 7021 from the 14th Panzer Division of Panzer Group Kleist.

I decided to depict a 24th Panzer Division Pz IV F to go with my 24th Panzer Division Pz III L.

A little tweak tow pinnacle chain & custom fender springs.

On shelf…with two more Pz IV’s waiting for their turn on the work bench.


Very nicely done Wade. Lovely subtle finish and weathering. And nice job on the stand, simple but very effective. :+1:

Beautiful job on it. Great finish !

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Nice one, great paint job. I like the way you have presented it on the wooden base, you’ve given me food for thought. :+1:t2:

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I like your displays. :+1: :+1:

You mentioned it before but where do you get the pins? Thanks.

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Great looking Pz. IV!

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Thank you for the kind comments.

@Johnnych01 John, @flatfour Nicholas,
@Armorsmith DV, @metalhead85 Richard and @Panzer_modeler Ezra

Much appreciated.

I like having models on a stand or base as transport to a club meeting or model show is more secure. If the model has to be moved at a meeting or show, it’s less likely to get damaged. Working with wood makes a nice change after plastic.

DV, the nameplate is from a local trophy shop. The emblem came from a local gun/military show a while back. Those are excellent for all sorts of interesting pins etc. Amazon used to carry similar emblems too.

Amazon is still a good source for most flag pins but militaryitems seem harder to find. The WW2 German pins are definately harder to find now days. Reddick Militaria - German Militaria - Enamel Pins has a fair variety.

I’d wanted to use the 24th Panzer Division logo in the upper left hand corner but didnt find suitable a pin/badge.

images (1)

Ironically, one can easily find jumping horse pins but they are always jumping left to right for best visual impact.
download (4)

A little masking plus paint and it’s a mirror image of the 24th’s logo.

As typical those WW2 fascists even got that wrong.

Very good Panzer IV.

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Could you take the image and flip it?

Didn’t think of that DV.
I will order that pin and find out.

Sometimes the obvious is easily overlooked.

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Indeed, found another site with lots of horse jumping pins… with one very close to what I want…only 1,800 more horse pins to sort through…

Horse going to the left :slight_smile: For name I suppose 24th Panzer Division would work.