Finished: Vorsicht!

I finished this little diorama today. It certainly wasn’t a shake and bake dio. The water gave some challenges. I first tried AK one component water, but that dried up all milky and cracked up. It was easily pried off. The second try
was with a 2 component resin. Much better, but it crawled up at the edges of the provisional wall. I found out after it dried up completely, so I had to pull out the dremel to grind it away.
I topped it up with acrylic water paste, to give structure. Oh, and I used real stones for the river bed.
The splinter camouflage was also a first. I am very satisfied with the results. A pity that you don’t see much of the driver.

The half track had it’s own challenges. No decals for the dials, the tires miss the lettering l, so I replaced them. The decals fought me all the way. Even after glossing they silvered all the way… Well, I guess I have to deal with it!


Looks great Erwin. :+1:

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Excellent scene, kudos to you that none of those issues show up. Love the road/bridge/debris & perfect water…and the figure…and the 251. What brand was that? :clap:

Really nicely thought out and finished piece Erik. The water really looks like it’s flowing fast under the bridge which has great stonework and cobbles on it. The half-track and figures are well finished too with a neat interior on display.

That is really well done. Congrats!

Nicely done! :beer:


@Tank_1812 Thanks Ryan!

@Dioramartin I didn’t even mention the fracturing of the decals. The bridge parts are supposed to be numbered, but all numbers fractured, so I left them off alltogether… :frowning: The kit is AFV Club and the figures are by Alpine. I did replace the rifle of the NCO as he originally had a Gewehr 42 in his hand. The rifles in the 251 are the normal Kar 98, so I could not let it be.

@Karl187 Cheers. The bridge is one of the old (ancient?) Verlinden plaster kits I had in my stash for decades. It sported only the bridge halves, but no railings or rubble. And when there is a hole, the contents that previously occupied it, must be somewhere, don’t they? So I created my own out of foam (the blue stuff) and made railing from stanchions I ordered from the UK and messing wire. Afterwards I poured the resin so it would flow into the nooks, crannies and crevices. I created the flowing effects using the acryllic paste and using a broad brush moving it only in the direction the water would flow. 2 layers were needed to give the effect I was looking for. I topped it off by a modicum of white paint to give the impression of foam.

@DAKjunkie & @justsendit Thanks Jack and Michael. I really appreciate your compliments :slight_smile:


Great little Dio Erwin. Looks perfect on all areas. Good idea and lovely detailed build. Figure painting is really nice as well, cam smocks look wonderful.

Beautiful work Erwin !!!
Very , very cool !!!

@Johnnych01 Thank you for your kind words. I forgot to add a photo of the driver. Luckily I took one before locking him up in his station… Though the package states he is designed for the AFV Club model, I wonder for which? He certainly doesn’t fit in this one and I had to manipulate his legs quite a bit before even a getting in there at all. And even then the fit is far from perfect…

@Cheyenne Thanks a lot for your kind words, Glenn!


Hot Diggity Dog, Erwin, excellent finish on this vignette!


Thanks a million for your kind words Steve!!!

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