Finishing up 1/350 USS Missouri

Back on the old forum I was working on the Tamiya USS Missouri. I had hit a major road block when I got to doing the Bofors mounts (20 of the buggers) and I had put it on the shelf.

When we left her she was in this condition:

Well during the Christmas break she came back down off the shelf and I have been working on her. I am down to the last couple bofors mounts. I have also built up the turrets and they are ready for paint!

They use a combination of Eduard and mystery chinese PE as well as Infini 16 inch barrels and blast bags.

I am hoping to have Missouri ready for commissioning by the end of January. I started this project a little over 3 years ago so its about time.


Looks nice Rory, you have done a great job with that deck and the main gun turrets. :+1:

Very nice!


Mystery Chinese PE sounds like a reliable supplier…LOL. Your Missouri is looking wonderful.

Mark :beer:

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It was a set I got off Ebay for like $30 which had PE, barrels etc. I believe the manufacturer may be “Chuan Yu” but I cant confirm that since I don’t read chinese but the emblem is a sharks head.

And done. She is not as good as I would have liked but she is good enough that I am happy. Plus I am glad to get her off the “Shelf Queen” shelf and into the display case.

I started this build sometime in 2018 I believe and I am just happy she is done. I will be the first to admit I lost my enthusiasm for this build sometime in 2019 and never really got it back so its been a slog. From the initial setback of bad paint to frustrating PE (that damn radar dish) to a deck that would not stick down. Oh well, such is life when it comes to model kits!

I made a quick and dirty base for her using a house number plaque from Home Depot and some basswood strips from Michaels, all covered in stain. Name plate is from the kit, just sprayed in Brass. Nothing fancy, just something to give her a sturdy base.


That looks very good Rory! Glad you finally finished it. Whats next? :wink:


Find looking ship, I would love to have her on my shelf.

Know the feeling, I have a Yamato sitting in the closet that I just can’t seem to want to pick back up.

Mark :beer:

That’s looking fantastic Rory. You have done her proud. The decking looks very good and I think really adds to the finished item … :+1:

I have my 2 JMSDF Destroyers I am working on and then some RN WW2 destroyers. But as to what capital ship I am going to do, that I am not sure of yet. I have several options that encompass the RN, USN, IJN, Kriegsmarine and Regia Marine.

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That’s a beauty. Very nice work.


what everybody says, she’s looking great!
Congratulations to the commissioning!

And yes, I definitely know what you mean with ‘losing enthusiasm’, that just happens…great you got back to her and finished her! She’s worth it!


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Incredibly well built Rory! Your patience has been tested but the result is impressive!

Rory, you did the Mighty MO proud! The real wood decks add a lot.

I know what you mean about losing enthusiasm for projects - it happens to me all the time. I can’t even tell you how many partially completed projects are lurking in my closet of shame… I take one out from time to time, consider the possibilities as I handle the parts… and usually put it back.

Kudos to you for actually getting one finished, I say!