Fire "Super Tanker" BLOG

Here’s my Official BLOG for the Fire “Super Tanker” build


I’m going a slightly different way. Using the Moebius Prostar getting converted into a 4door “crew cab”

Kits and the first batch of extra parts for the build: not limited to Interior parts for for the “crew cab” and extra fender pieces to cover the Fuel tanks (at least till the pump panel)

Awaiting the 2 Daycabs from “Models by Dave” (He’s still catching up on his Black Friday sale casting. I told him no rush as I do CAD design for him.

Can’t find a suitable donor pump panel so the CAD has started on them… I’ll make adjustments once I stat the chassis assembly of the truck. Passenger side progress:

That’s it for the start for now.


What a Beast! Can’t wait to see the finished project! I’ll be following this.

Definitely strapped in for this one, what a massive project to take on!

Cheers, D

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Still waiting on Cabs… but doing more CAD work… Gonna need some lights for the Trailer. Have clear resin and a spare VAT for my 3D printer on the way.

Based on the Whelen “Micro Freedom”. I’m going to have 3 or 4 down the length of the tanker along with some spot work lights. I’m also considering a pair of light towers on the back of the truck cab too.


working on a couple versions of the Whelen Freedom and Mini Freedom for the Cab of the truck.:


Yeah, I’ll be following along with this one. Incredible

Working on another detail part today… a Federal “Q”… a ways to go but, it’s a start.


Trailer chassis assembly has started…

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Slow progress… apparently the carpal tunnel in my wrist is migrating to my elbow and shoulder… ugh

Tank partially assembled, as well as a removing the spare carrier from the chassis, and putting it up.


Not good news about the Carpal Tunnel Matt, I hope you can keep it under control.

Nice progress on this mega project, the scope of what you are undertaking is clear when it’s laid out on the cutting mat.

Cheers, D

More slow progress…

Loads of cleanup needed on the parts… Contemplating stripping the chrome and going Aluminum… what say we???

About at a waiting point…

Need cabs… debating on stripping chrome, and making the tank Aluminum… decisions…

Stainless steel instead of aluminum?

It’s currently Chrome (stainless) thinking about stripping it and going aluminum paint…

I was thinking a dull darker stainless and not polished, just a few shades darker than aluminum.

First 3D print with clear resin…

There will be 3 of these along each side of the tankers roof line.

Chrome stripping will commence this weekend. Still waiting on cabs.

We have cabs!!!

Bodywork will hopefully start this weekend.


Those look great.

Slow and steady. Reinforce kit cab, to cut more apart, remove front portions of resin cab, to make the rear section of the ‘crewcab’… and wait on styrene supplies to show up Saturday for the roof.

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