First attempt at cast texture looking for feedback

I have just gotten back into modeling after about a four year hiatus. I’m trying to enhance my skills with new techniques. This is my first attempt at trying cast texture and I was looking for feedback on if it needs more, less, or if I should start over.

I used mr surfacer 500 for this.


I think it looks good,not overdone

Agreed. I think that you got it just right on this attempt.

Looks the part to me. Good job and good technique.

Looks good to me.

ja ja

Cheers everyone thanks for the feedback!! Glad I’ve gotten back into this hobby. Here are some pictures with better lighting, and a muffler I added texture to for rust though this may need to be sanded down a bit:


I didn’t want to start a new thread for a simple question. Could some tell me the color of the canvas that went between the stug iv gun mantlet and the fighting compartment. Ie this part

The texture technique looks good. I can’t help with the dust cover color tho.