First military kit - Airfix jeep

I thought I’d share my son’s (6.5 years old) second model kit, his first of a military subject. It’s the 1/72 Airfix airborne jeep starter kit; once he realised there were extra parts in the kit, he wanted to built it as a commando jeep rather than as per the instructions so I helped him go rogue.

This was about 80% his own work with plenty of guidance from daddy. My model making has taken a backseat while I finish off our camper van drivechain conversion and restore a vintage caravan, so living vicariously through the boy!! :joy:


That’s the way to do it…start them off young, and don’t let them discover a Play Station! :+1: :smile_cat:
:grinning: :canada:


Too late for that ship - he’s already discovered Minecraft on Nintendo Switch, although he is very creative with what he builds on that, so better than some other games.

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Well done lad! have many more years in the hobby.