First post: DML BMP-2D kit from the 90's

I built the original kit in the when it was first released. I put a lot of work into accurizing and a ton of scratchbuilding into it. Then went to nursing school and forgot about it for 20 years. Recently crawled through attic and found it. Decided to re-paint it and add a few details. I think it came out OK. Thanks for inviting me to the board.


Nice job on the mono green. Well worn look without abuse. Weathering just right for my taste. :+1: :+1:

What’s that contraption strapped to the rear deck?

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Thank you.

It’s a water tank commonly used in Afghanistan.

Really great job ! Love the weathering

Lovely work on this old kit. I think you have really got the best out of it in terms of detail and painting.

Very nicely done Robert, very nice indeed.

Very nice ! I’ll second the sentiment of nice job on an old kit. What I like the most is how you’ve handled the lashing on the water tank, very realistic. Is this the SP designs resin tank ?

Yes, it’s the SP Designs tank. I replaced the molded on handles with wire to get the “rope” through them.