First post : U boat II diorama

I just posted a message on the Armorama site and it was so simple that I decided to post my first message on this site :smiley: It is all very inspiring what I see on this site and makes me very humble.
I like making dioramas with armored vehicles and with ships, especially German U-boats. This is the first diorama I will show and is of a 1:144 U boat type 2 (early version) from Revell / ICM. Most figures are from Northstar Models. Buildings are N-scale (1:160), speedboat is scratchbuild.
Hope you like it.

Greetings Pete


Stunning work.
This is worthy of a photo feature over on the content site.
Andy :slight_smile:


Pete, just like the Aachen scene…wow, this is amazing. There are actually to many brilliant details to mention, but I really love the subtle movement of the sea you can make out. Exactly like it would be on a calm sea state within a harbour.
First class… And in such a tiny scale.

IMPRESSIVE BUILD! I especially like the inclusion of the KM personnel.
Well done!

Wow. That is one helluva first post.

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Would be great if you can do a shot with something to the side in normal size so we could get a sense of scale… You look at it and it looks bigger . Very deceptive.


That is some absolutely brilliant work! The the calm harbor setting… the figures… the U-Boat… all the little details that bring the scene alive… WOW!

I agree with Andy; this is definitely worthy of a feature on the content part of the site!

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Spectacular diorama. :+1:t2: :+1:t2: You obviously like to work on a grand scale and believe me you are very impressive.

Agree with the other comments - This is an excellent piece of work!

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you gents :smiley: I will try to put it on the content site (not succeeded yet but I will manage).


Excellent piece of work, well done.

Size comparison to object of known size:

A foot is 30.48 cm …
The Type IIB should scale out to 29.65 cm length over all

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excellent work thank you for sharing