First Spitfires

Have some questions RE : initial production Mk. I (1938) . Cockpit: How far back did the green go? I’m getting conflicting info. Some points to just aft of the bulkhead the seat is mounted to.(aluminum from there bck) Some, to level with the aft end of the canopy. Others all the way back. Cockpit door: Green or aluminum? Landing gear: Bay and interior of doors. Again, green or aluminum.

On, there’s a thread in WWII aircraft about all the Spitfire questions: Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here - WWII - I’m looking for vol 1, but no luck so far. Also, you can ask; people there are very helpful.


Thanks. Will see what I find there. Seems like the more info I get , the more questions I come up with.